Monday, September 24, 2012

The Greatest Birthday Present All My Life

Here comes my 22nd birthday!
Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for these 22 years of my life. I wish I had done many good deeds in those past years. Thank You for all the blessings You have given me. Thank You for the guidance, breath, health, and chance to live. Alhamdulillah, wa syukrulillah..

My deepest gratitude for my wonderful parents who have brought me up to be who I am today. There's no way I can pay for your endless love.

This year I have completed one of my primary goals: to able able to graduate from one of the two colleges before my 22nd birthday. I did! The graduation ceremony was held on September 20, 2012, four days prior to my birthday.

これから も、がんばります!!!
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