Sunday, May 26, 2013

On a Journey

[Sebenarnya ini apa? Sepertinya aku menyukai sahabat laki-lakiku. Jadi, kukatakan saja kepadanya, "Sepertinya aku menyukaimu." Usiaku dua puluh empat tahun. Tidak lagi menjadi sebuah masalah besar ketika aku menyatakan perasaan kepada seseorang yang aku suka, bukan?]

Judul : On a Journey
Penulis : Desi Puspitasari
Penerbit : Bentang
Tebal : 262 Halaman
Cetakan Pertama, Januari 2013

Februari lalu saya memesan paket buku merah jambu dengan spesifikasi paket bertepuk sebelah tangan pada penerbit Bentang. Paket tersebut berisi empat buku: Keliling Korea (yang belum saya buka plastiknya, karena saya lebih tertarik ke Jepang), Kick Andy: Kisah Inspiratif 3, Sunset in Weh Island, dan On a Journey. Di antara keempat buku tersebut, yang terakhirlah yang menjadi favorit saya. Ada banyak penyebabnya: tema (life story, not ultimately love story), gaya bercerita, dan bahasa yang digunakan (baku namun ringan saja). Entah sejak kapan saya tidak lagi terlalu menyenangi buku yang menggunakan bahasa gaul remaja dalam penceritaannya. Pengaruh usia, mungkin (heee!). Sedikit sinopsisnya:

11:57 PM

11:57 PM, midnight, lying on my stomach staring at my laptop. A little better than continuously checking my phone notification just to find nothing, perhaps..

This Saturday was just like Sunday. I did nothing. Well, coughing, eating, taking med, getting headache - you can't really call them activity, right? Spending time doing those stuffs can silently kill you! Maybe this one - writing a new yet unnecessary entry for this blog- can finally be said an activity. But still, it's Sunday already!

Typing this while waiting for something which probably won't come. I get used to it. So it's not a big deal anymore. (Yet why am I still waiting?)

I do want to write something that's going on my mind right now. The thing that will possibly tell a little bit about 'the me' now. However, I guess I won't type it tonight. I'm sure a girl who really loves to do that, I mean backing off at the last minute. I've re-decided my 'already decided decisions' for so many times in my life already. 

Then, what's the point of this post? I don't know. Just feel like writing something that can be stored. You readers may find this meaningless but it does mean something for me.

Just ignore this post.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hey! Say! JUMP: New Hope ~ こんなに僕らはひとつ ~ (Romaji/English Translation)

This is a new song of my favorite group. Another ballad, love it just like "Together Forever" ^^ (the lyric itself has the similar tone). The song is of the two exclusive songs included in Regular Edition of the upcoming tenth single "Come On A My House"  (will be released on June, 26th) along with "Bounce". I can't wait to get the studio version...

Credit to kodochalover@lj for romaji and english trans

Here is the song:

The lyric:

What do you see in this empty night? Kimi wo mamoritai no ni 
mamori kirenai koto mo aru no kana woo
tokidoki sayonara wa hontou ni taisetsu na mono wo
bokura no kokoro ni oshiete kureru wow

sou ai ga ai ni furete nani ka ga hajimaru
sou ai ga ai wo tsuide kagayakeru hazu da yo
datte onaji hoshi de datta ichido no deai wo
kono kiseki wa sou wa nai

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oemar Diyan: Yudisium Santri Akhir 2013 (and 2008 :))

I write it down for I may forget this happening one day, in the future... 

So, I went there on Sunday, 12 2013. My first time ever attending high school graduation ceremony after my own five years ago. Yup, five years. Back then those graduating kids were only chibi first-graders coming to watch our ceremony. Hmm..  Time sure flows... suddenly I was feeling so old. -_-

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's Rainy May

It's raining again tonight!

*grin*, I know I've posted things related to rain like several times already but, who cares? I just feel like posting about it, again! :D

It's May 10 today and as far as I can remember, it's been raining every day this week. Not only was a downpour but also a small scale hurricane (?) happened on Tuesday, May 7. This is what it looked like in that afternoon:

don't mind that hut

Thursday, May 9, 2013


From tomorrow it's Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs, will turn to Fri, Sat, sun
Let's treasure the days of our dreams a bit more
We're enjoying living out of our days, so let's go!

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