Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mak!

My mom, who doesn't like to be photographed

Happy Birthday, Mak!
Longlife, stay healthy and strong
Thanks for raising us all these years long
Thanks for teaching us new things in life
Thanks for always be here for us
Please always be patient and keep looking after us
Forgive me for not being able to make you happy

May Allah bless all your life, and give you the best reward for being the best mother for us, ameen...

Once again, Happy Birthday!

(Well, there's no way my mom will ever visit my blog. Therefore I will try to say it to her in words, even if that's gonna be embarrassing, since we're not that expressive anyway :))

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Students' Behavior (and Face) During Examination


For some reason, I became an invigilator for this year's examination at Oemar Diyan, a private High School I graduated from. While doing nothing but watching students fill in their answer sheet, I noticed some 'remarkable actions'. Therefore I decided to take notice and observe more of their behavior. Here they are:

Students taking exam, not at Oemar Diyan though

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mengenang 9 Tahun Gempa dan Tsunami Aceh (26 Desember 2004)

Museum Tsunami, Aceh
Now that the tragedy has passed, all that left is memory to carry on (and some physical proofs that this beloved land has ever been in so much pain).

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Happy Birthday" by NEWS (English Translation)

Cause it's a treasure that can't be bought with money, I express it with feelings
Without feeling shy I'll say "Congratulation!" in words at exactly midnight

For being born, for us having met
For being side by side now, "Thank you!"
It's your Happy Birthday, a magical, special day that happens once in a year

Today is the once-in-a-year, world's most important day
It's your anniversary that has come beautifully again

Becoming a year older means you add on more memories
That's why I'll send some happy words only to you, see!

Having met you amid the millions and billions of people is a miracle
For the happiness of being so near to me, I'll sing it for you

For being born, for us having met
For being by my side now, "Thank you!"
It's your Happy Birthday, a magical, special day that happens once in a year

Having you beside me allows me to smile 
and become more honest than usual today

To the rest of the world, it's just a normal day, nothing seems different
But for me even the taste of the air has taken on a special flavor

I want to see your extraordinary smile, it's bye-bye to frowns and scowls
I'll send you my love as much as my strength allows

However much we've cried up until now, we have the happiness that makes us smile
Today's Happy Birthday that we can share together, I'll sing for you

For being born, for us having met
For being by my side now, "Thank you!"
It's your Happy Birthday, a magical, special day that happens once in a year

I'm sure I wouldn't be here if I were alone
Next year and the year after I hope to come and see you on this same day

The present from God
It's your Happy Birthday, I'm wishing you the best of luck for your future

For being born, for us having met
For being by my side now, "Thank you!"
It's your Happy Birthday, a magical, special day that happens once in a year

Monday, December 23, 2013

Analytical Tools Applicable for an Editorial

(This one was submitted in Discourse Analysis class)

Editorial from Gulf News January 14, 2012
For the good of the environment

Private companies must also take up car-free campaign to curb pollution.

At least 3,000 employees in various government departments will leave their cars at home and take public transport on January 18 to support "Car Free Day" in Dubai. The annual event is expected to save the environment from at least 10 tonnes of carbon emissions. Transport emissions are responsible for 47 per cent of the air pollution in Dubai.

While the government takes the lead, private sector companies that employ many more people must also take up the campaign. Besides reducing carbon emissions, the day will also encourage people to use public transport. Dubai has international standard public transport services, which are cheap and convenient for consumers. Reducing traffic and the time wasted on roads by goods and people is also a great saving for the economy. It is hoped that the annual event will become daily practice for many commuters, to the benefit of the environment and the emirate.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Asu E" by Yabu Kouta

This is one of my favorite songs and of course, the lyric is nice... This is the translation

This sun gives off dazzling rays of light
We are spreading our wings to the big, wide world
“From today to tomorrow, from tomorrow to the day after”
That just keeps on repeating, but you’re not alone
In the middle of the path to becoming an adult
We keep walking, searching for something
Even if we do nothing, we’ll become adults
But if we don’t do something, we won’t be able to grasp the light
Things are changing at an alarming speed
That is the age we’re in
But it is okay to go at our own pace
This sun gives off dazzling rays of light
We are spreading our wings to the big, wide world
I have no idea what will happen in the future
But I live believing that there is sure to be that light 
As we keep repeating each day, we are not alone

Wordless Wednesday #9

Josef in red

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Shocking Cat

{Hasil pertama kelas Literature I (sebuah karya dengan ide dari lima kepala ) a chain story}

Yesterday, while I was taking a bath I saw a cat jumped off the ceiling and landed on the floor, in the bathroom. Shocked by the cat, I screamed loudly. And the cat, shocked by my scream, climbed on the wall then return onto the ceiling.

I was so angry with that shocking cat. I immediately put on the towel and ran outside the bathroom looking for the cat. Taking a broom I tried to find the cat. When I saw it, I threw the broom and it escaped quickly.

Looking at the watch I got another shock. “Oh my God… I will be late!” I hurried preparing all things then went to my campus. I didn’t want to come late because I was so interested in the subject. If I had missed it, I would have had a bad mood all day.

In the classroom, I rethought about the accident that happened to me in the morning. I daydreamed of it. In my imagination, I saw the cat run away outside the bathroom and I could catch it because I got the super power to run and catch. Unfortunately, in real life, my lecturer found me and…

Oh guys… can you imagine how mad my lecturer was? It wasn’t my day. She ordered me to get out of the class. Finally I missed the lesson. 

Yeah, that’s it. That’s how my hell day simply begun by the shocking damn cat! []

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friggatriskaidekaphobia, the Fear of Friday the 13th

I've just finished watching 'The Silence of the Lambs' and think of posting a new entry on my blog. Friggatriskaidekaphobia, have you ever heard of this word?

image from joyhog.com
I've known the word since earlier this year from an article and I still haven't been able to pronounce it fluently!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

あなた へ

Write to you...
Ada rindu kutitipkan pada langit yang hitam
tentang asa yang terbenam,
dan rintikan hujan yang menangisi malam

Bahwa kita menolak alpa
pada setiap sapa yang tak tertera,
banyak cerita yang tercipta
juga serangkai doa yang mengangkasa

Maka aku mulai mengadu
agar rindu ini sampai padamu
walau hanya tulisan bisu

Indrapuri, 11/12/13

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Image from digitalsports.com
Hi there! Are you okay?

Kalimat yang selalu aku ulang dalam hati. Namun juga selalu gagal aku lisankan. Begitu pula kali ini.

Kau tiba-tiba saja muncul di hadapanku. Seperti biasa. Memintaku menemanimu makan dan bicara. Setiap kali kau merasa gundah karenanya. Kau tidak baik-baik saja. Aku tahu persis hal itu. Tapi entah kenapa aku tidak pernah bisa mengucapkan kalimat sederhana tersebut.

Kali ini aku ingin menolak. Aku tahu apa yang akan terjadi. Kau akan makan tiga porsi nasi sementara aku akan duduk di hadapanmu, menemanimu dalam diam sambil sesekali memerhatikan cahaya lembut yang berpendar dari secuil api. Tidak akan ada pembicaraan apapun. Aku tidak suka itu.

“Hanya kaulah yang benar-benar memahamiku, kau yang dapat memberikan cahaya untuk menguraikan benang kusut dalam kepalaku,” katamu.

Lagi-lagi aku luluh. Bukan pada kata-katamu. Tapi pada sorot mata penuh luka yang selalu berusaha kau sembunyikan. ‘Untuk apa bertahan padanya? Bukankah pada setiap luka kau selalu mencariku?’ ingin sekali kusuarakan pertanyaan itu. Namun lidahku kembali kelu.

Katamu aku cahayamu. Jadi biarkan aku bertanya, “Cahaya apakah aku? Matahari, bintang, bulan atau lentera?”

Kau hanya tersenyum sambil mengisyaratkan matamu ke secuil api yang ada di tengah meja, tepat saat sumbunya rebah ke dalam genangan dan pendar cahayanya padam.

*Alhamdulillah... akhirnya, nulis fiksi lagi!^^

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy 1st Anniversary, A Plus!

Today is the "D" day I mentioned before and sadly, I can't be there with my fellow A Team.

As I don't attend the event, guess I cannot write a report of it. Or maybe I can, if there are enough photos got uploaded. I'll just wait and see...

"Naiyou no Nai Tegami" (Letter without Contents) by NEWS

As I re-watch the Live! Live! Live! Concert DVD subbed by NewshFan, I found out that this song is incredibly nice. I haven't noticed it before. So I decided to post the translation here, full credit to Newshfan.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Esperanza Rising" by Pam Munoz Ryan

Still with the campus assignment. This time comes from Cross-Cultural Understanding class, analyzing cultural value from a novel.

Esperanza Rising

Published by Scholastic Inc. in 2000

Here are some culture-related things found in this book:

Friday, December 6, 2013

Man Proposes, God Disposes

Untung tak dapat diraih, malang tak dapat ditolak. Manusia hanya bisa berencana namun Allah-lah sang penentunya.

Seperti cerita saya hari ini. Sejak semalam, bukan, sepertinya dari kemarin saya sudah menyusun jadwal yang rapi untuk hari ini. Apa yang harus saya kerjakan dari pagi, siang, sore, hingga malam nanti. Namun jangankan semua, satu pun tidak terlaksana.

Pagi hari saya jadwalkan berkunjung ke beberapa sekolah di Indrapuri dan Montasik untuk mengantar surat undangan acara puncak APlus 1st Anniversary yang akan diadakan di ACC Sultan Selim hari Minggu nanti. Saya pun berangkat. Seperti biasa, berpamitan pada mamak lalu mengendarai sepeda motor SupraX ayah saya. Tujuan pertama adalah MAN Montasik. Namun belum sampai setengah perjalanan Allah berkehendak lain. Bukannya sampai ke tujuan, saya malah tiba di puskesmas.

Ternyata saya amat sombong, merencanakan segalanya tanpa meminta keridhaan Allah terhadap rencana tersebut. 

Tentu saja, saya paham benar setiap musibah merupakan ujian. Saya bersyukur Allah menegur saya dengan kecelakaan kecil ini sehingga saya dapat mengoreksi diri. Sudah sepantasnya kita memohon kerelaan Sang Pencipta atas setiap rencana kita. Besar ataupun kecil. Apalagi dalam merencanakan masa depan. Karena untuk mengabdi kepada-Nya-lah kita semua diciptakan.

Astaghfirullahal adhim...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

“To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

This entry contains info about intrinsic elements of the said novel. I did it years ago as an assignment of English Literature Class in uni. So I think of posting it here to save some space on my laptop hard disk.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Saving General Yang (2013)

Title: Saving General Yang
Director: Ronny Yu
Starring: Adam Cheng, Ekin Cheng, Yu Bo, Vic Chou, Li Chen, Raymond Lam, Wu Chun, and Fu Xinbo

It is an epic about how seven sons march into the battlefield to rescue their trapped father. Seven sons will leave, six will return.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Try Out Persiapan UN se-Aceh (Edisi Banda Aceh - Aceh Besar)

Dalam rangka menyambut A Plus 1st anniversary, A Plus Creative Learning Center mengadakan beberapa acara dengan tajuk Road to Anniversary. Di antaranya adalah Workshop Dream Maker bagi siswa kelas X dan XI, Lomba Mading yang diikuti oleh SMA yang ada di Banda Aceh dan Aceh Besar, Lomba Scrabble tingkat SMP Banda Aceh dan Aceh Besar, serta Try Out UN tingkat SMA yang diadakan di beberapa kabupaten/kota di Aceh.

Berikut ini saya akan membagikan foto kegiatan Try Out UN edisi Banda Aceh-Aceh Besar yang berlangsung serentak di empat lokasi pada 1 Desember 2013 hari ini.
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