Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Officially 24

Today is my 24th birthday.

I'm not good at spoken language, so, instead of telling everyone directly, I'll just write it down here.

Alhamdulillah, I'm still alive and kicking. Never have I had enough thanks for all His blessings since the past years and for the years to come (Allah, help me to be thankful for the coutless ni'mah you give me).

Uncountable amount of unsaid thanks for Mak and Ayah for bringing me up to be who I am now and supporting me through ups and downs.

Many thanks for my dear sisters and brother: Uti, Anda, Fadia, and Taqiyya. Well, I never say it but, I do love you all.

A bunch of thanks for my dear friends: Juli, Inie, Vebri, school friends, college friends, other friends, colleagues, and... really, I can't name all of you here.

And oh, a bucket of thanks for someone who handed me this lovely present. Do you want your name written here?

Does anybody feel that this post looks more like the speech given by award-winner upon receiving the trophy - rather than the thankful feeling of a birthday girl?

Regardless of how it sounds, I  need to write it down because I don't know whether I will reach my 25th year. Life is a mystery, and even the most reliable person needs someone to rely on -not to say the unreliable me. That's it. Because nobody can live alone, I need to express my gratitude for the people around, who have added some colours to paint my life. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bad Hair Day

Assalamu'alaikum... Lama ya... haha. Mau cerita sedikit nih :)

Karena minggu lalu saya bisa dikatakan 'liburan' di pulau seberang, mau tidak mau aktivitas minggu ini yang notebene-nya kembali ke rutinitas semula menjadi agak terusik. Contohnya saja kemarin. 

Malam harinya tidur saya agak terganggu akibat banyaknya nyamuk yang menyerbu. Entah dari mana mereka datang. Padahal biasanya tidak sebanyak itu. Jadinya, saya yang share room sama adik bungsu who's sleeping like dead harus terbangun berkali-kali. Puncaknya setelah salat Subuh saya malah kembali tarik selimut :(
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