Friday, October 7, 2016

People Change

People change. That's a common knowledge.

However, it occurs to me that we human come too quickly into conclusion. We tend to judge other people too easily without really understand their situation. Or maybe, we just misjudge them, that we don't know them well enough to have the right to tell them so. I've personal experience to be able to say this.

It happened to me that someone -an old acquaintance- told me I had changed after some chats. I admit that I was responding not as friendly as I used to, which led that someone to say what they said. Then again, little did they know that the change in my attitude was due to their acting as a spy by asking me questions and then passing them to someone else who I had removed from my contact. It annoyed me so much that I decided to put some distance in the not-so-close friendship.

At another time, I got cold responses from someone I want to reconnect with. Maybe they still think of me as a nuisance, still haven't forgiven me for whatever it was the problem years ago. I've come to the point that if they don't want to reconcile, that's fine by me.

In the end, people do change for a better or worse, though it's not our business to tell them so right in their face.


  1. I've learned that for many people, change is uncomfortable for me.

  2. Spy... hmmm
    Yeah, maybe we misjudge. It's not like we've changed, at least not our personality. But people will most likely throw the "you've changed" when we stop acting the way that is convenient for them.
    Whether We really have changed for the better or worse, they would say it anyway -_-

  3. Yes, absolutely, people change. Yet, who can forbid someone to change for a better? Isn't it good?

    Anyway, I am your 218th follower. Come and visit my blog as well

    Thanks a bunch


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